Gem Panning - Cosmic Cavern

Gem Panning is fun for everyone! Young and old alike enjoy the gem panning at Cosmic Cavern! Buy your bag of panning dirt in the gift shop and head to the sluice box and get started!

On your visit to Cosmic Cavern we have several things to do either before or after your cave tour! We have a very well stocked gift shop, a fossil dig, and we offer gem panning or sluicing! While you’re here, why not try your hand at Gemstone Panning…  We have an authentic sluice where you can pan for gems! We have bags of panning dirt or “rough” available for purchase in our Visitor Center / Gift Shop! In our gem bags, you will find a large variety of gems including Amethyst, Fluorite, Apache Tear, Peacock Ore, Calcite, Lodestone, Copper, Talc, Pumice, Citrine, Garnet in Matrix, Optical Calcite, Fuchsite, Sulphur, Ulexite, Fool’s Gold, Geode, Rose Quartz, and Chalcopyrite. Every bag is guaranteed! Keep what you find.

Each gemstone bag is only $5.99. Remember… you get to keep what you find!

GREAT for the young and old alike. Good luck and happy panning!