Cave Tours - Cosmic Cavern

Cosmic Cavern – Berryville, AR – Cave Tours are some of the most beautiful tours in the state of Arkansas. In fact, Cosmic Cavern is known as one of the top Show Caves in the United States! We are located in Berryville, Arkansas right between Eureka Springs, Arkansas and Branson, Missouri. Our 1 hour and 15 minute guided walking tour features many formations such as: stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones, sodastraws, helictites, cave bacon, draperies, and many other speleothems as well as two cave lakes, blind cave trout and the Ozark Blind Cave Salamander. Visitors have enjoyed the beauty of Cosmic Cavern for many years and have said things like: “Absolutely Amazing!”, “Awesome Cave Tour!”, “Great Experience!”, “Beautiful Cavern!”, “Best Cave in the Eureka Springs Area!”, and many more complimentary comments! It is no wonder Cosmic Cavern was awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for 2014!

The actual cave tour takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes at a very comfortable pace. The distance of the tour is approximately 1/3 of a mile. There are some stairs; however, the majority of the tour is on level ground. The cavern is well lit to show all the beautiful formations as we strike a balance between accommodating the visitors and presenting the cave. The cave stays a constant 64 degrees, the warmest cave in the Ozarks. Because the cave is at such a desirable temperature year ’round when visiting the cave coats aren’t really necessary. Instead of bringing a coat you will be better off and more comfortable bringing your camera to take photos of all the natural beauty that surrounds you!

The newest section of the cave is Silent Splendor. This section of the cave was discovered in 1993. Silent Splendor was featured on CBS News and has been featured in newspapers all over the United States. Pure white soda straws and bizarre helictites cover the ceilings of this section of the cave. This area is so pristine, that many of these beautiful formations are transparent. This delicate area is one of the Ozarks major cave finds and is a Must See!

When you are in the Eureka Springs, Arkansas or Branson, Missouri area, Cosmic Cavern needs to be on your list of things to do or attractions to see! The breathtaking natural beauty is beyond compare! Please be sure and include a trip to Cosmic Cavern in your vacation plans! We hope to see you soon!